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  • Sahriar Shuvo - Tech Journalist

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Major companies depend on cloud computing to get most of their IT-based job done on the fly. It is a massive saver of both time and economy. Running a standalone cloud service for the company makes sense but at the same time, it’s very costly.

Enterprise-level businesses now mostly depend on the cloud. Why? It’s because it’s crucial to keep all aspects of it running and without a steady flow in the IT sector, it’s not possible.

How cloud benefit companies? Before cloud computing emerged as a whole new sector, the companies used their own set of people to run a small computing sector. But as the business grew, these sectors were in much need to update too.

Cloud computing is fast

Standalone cloud services bring so much to the table. Racks of servers, maintaining them regularly, applying patches, upgrading bandwidth are some of the core moves of cloud companies. Getting top of the line hardware, and CPU support is the only possible inefficient way by utilising cloud computing.

Cloud computing has unlimited storage

Cloud companies host data on their servers. So the possibility of data loss is close to none. Anytime the company makes a shift, it is really easy to restore the backed up data on the cloud. Storage is unlimited with cloud computing while personal hosting is not.

Every time there is a need for space, the upgrade needs to be done manually. But cloud companies are way ahead in this and they keep in store more storage hardware than necessary.

Cloud computing is more secure

At Tech News Pro, we believe security is the priority today. Cloud data are more secure than your computers, as they can be breached easily. In a pool of data on the cloud, breaches won’t know where to look for. For remote access, wipe data or even removing user access is easier on the cloud.

Cloud computing is more efficient

One of the best things about the cloud is that it saves the company’s capital. Maintaining a data infrastructure is very costly. It needs a separate space, power, cooling, and maintenance team. Where cloud companies have these factors in hand. So you won’t have to worry about a thing. Paying as little like the use is very practical.

Cloud computing is easy

Documents on the cloud are easily accessible on the fly. Also inputting new data on the server or updates are visible to everyone with proper access. As the cloud is always on, employees can work on it everywhere, which makes life easy.





Parting the clouds. 

for greater security

Covid-19 has landed CSOs a unique opportunity to embrace web isolation.

Eliminate malware threats with zero trust 

Isolation-powered security provides full protection against email and Web based threats.

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Four Key Trends in the Cyber-Threat Landscape.

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