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  • Sahriar Shuvo - Tech Journalist

Covid recovery with smart city tech: Sustainable infrastructure and IoT

We are still in the Covid recovery situation after many hits on so many sectors. Covid-19 drastically changed our way of life, and one way or another, we are still maintaining some of that part. The world hasn't yet recovered from it. In a world where technology is thriving, it is helping us get by. Remote work, online access, safety protocol, innovation aspects are impacting our lives. In smart cities, we have seen enormous growth in the recovery chart. Thanks to modern technology, we are clinging our way into a normal lifestyle again. 5G, IoT, big data is helping us a lot.

Smart City Framework

Smart city framework relates to the majority of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) protocols. They are promoting sustainable causes to develop and address issues before the global infrastructure. Smart cities, on the other hand, are also known as digital cities. They help transmit the overpopulating amount of data and capable enough to have the raw power to consume them. These are primarily consumed by big IT farms that produce communication methods to whole countries and states. Even analysing data from cloud usage rose beyond expected as there are more opportunities to utilise them. People with higher power govern decision-makers, but alongside civilians, too, can make better choices that drastically impact everyone.

Rise of 5G & IoT

A high-speed internet connection like 5G is giving us rapid connectivity. Most people would've never thought of working from home with a slow 2G connection. Video conference, file exchange, and even mailing with an attachment would not be possible if we lived before this era. By before this era, we mean the time when the internet was barely available and had a sluggish connection.

54% of the world's population currently living in cities, and it is a worldwide phenomenon. Estimation says another 2.5 billion will choose city life over the following decades. As we can see, the numbers are rising by a considerable margin. Because of economic sustainability, social balance, and environmental allocation, people profit from a better life, leading to SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) plan proposed in 2015. Currently, we take more centralized decisions but impact broadly overall. It is because of the power of IoT and high-speed connectivity.

Smart cities are rising, and the potentials are endless. For example, Singapore uses smart facility management. They have surveillance, upgraded IoT, and a facility that supports the regime. They utilise smart hubs in healthcare, providing facilities like remote tele-health services, and digital transformation is happening.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) assured future collaboration of smart cities with national intelligent transport infrastructure system. It will ensure secure vehicle handling. Also, satellite signal controls and navigation will be affected as more people try to utilize intelligent communication systems for fast & safe travelling. LinkNYC will provide fast and free Wi-fi support for better and secure internet, calls, and charging stations for people on the go. We've recently seen a monkey with a Neuralink chip inserted into his brain that allows control by signal processing. The gesture is geared towards people with missing limbs to navigate smartphones faster than people using fingers. Also, robotic limbs will help them move. It is groundbreaking technology to us but to benefit from it, and we still have few more steps to go.

Agenda stirring urban point also reflects same stats. WE have more agent-based simulation modelling's, smart cams, versatile mobile security systems, mobility alerts, real-time sensors, advanced AI, urban farming, drones, intelligent transportation, to name a few, helping us climbing this mountain of achieving a smart city around us. According to Forbes, "Smart City" tech features are prone to change urban centres.





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