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  • Sahriar Shuvo - Tech Journalist

Data flow deal started from EU to UK: Continued adequacy decisions

Data privacy and protection of digital identity gained massive move in the 21st century. As we came toward many laws and legislation with data companying large organizations, states and countries became aware of their footprint in the matter. As time went by, large corps are taking over all the personal and public data. Which moved the recent event of EU data adequacy decision to the UK.

The European Union decided to recognise Britain’s privacy rules. It will take an adequacy decision in hand and allow a sublime data flow. After the Brexit event, this decision was taken on last Monday. Now the digital business venture in the UK can breathe an air of relief. Post-Brexit, it was a mandatory and much-needed report for the third country. Despite being a member of the bloc themselves, they will be treated equally as an essential part of data protection. Data can now move freely between the EU to the UK as per contract and there will be no more legal barriers.

European Union members signed off a draft previously and it was not sure if the movement will pass. The UK waited for the legislation to pass, as papers of the adequacy status were roaming from office to office. Finally, the Commission agreed and sealed the deal as the final step. But it is for now. The Commission stated a clear warning alongside the grant paper that if the UK protection of data weakens, they will intervene. So, motives are high as per the contract, and data protection went through the most throughout process.

Věra Jourová, Commissions VP in a statement said: “The UK has left the EU but today it's legal regime of protecting personal data as it was. "She also said: “if anything changes on the UK side, we will intervene."

To be noted, it came with a “sunset clause.” It is the first time the EU included this clause with the contract. The Sunset Clause is the definition of this decision with an expiration date of four years. So once the timeline passes, there will be another review and the intervene stays within. General Data Protection Regulation is a strict privacy policy passed back in 2018. For the law to look into the matter as deeply they deem fit alongside criminal offence data processing.

Secretary of state for digital, Oliver Dowden said “The European Union has formally recognised the UK high data protection standards.” The UK received the approval after more than a year of constructive talks. Previously the free data flow between Europe and the UK established for a six-month trial period before jumping in a four-year contract. Then too, questions arise for the bridging agreement and it would be still up for debate. But that period passed successfully and as per the agreement, and EU data standards, the commission raised the volume up for a longer period under strict maintenance and guideline.

The commission still fears for the data standard. And clause in the UK regime may face scrutiny again in 2025. There will be no automatic continuation of the standards and regularities.

Though the deal at Brexit raised fingers, personal data transfer is required to survive in the digital industry. It will always have to keep in mind that those data are of real people, and should be handled carefully and most importantly respectfully. In this regard, the EU will transfer personal data to the UK. And they will not be considered a third country just yet. Free roam of data is important.

GDPR level data protection regulation is granted by the UK. Founder of data privacy consultancy security, Ben Rapp said: “it’s just another transmission period.” On another note, he added, “It’s not an outcome.” The commission listened “very carefully” and took “adequate” decisions.

Oliver Dowden, the digital secretary of state said “After more than a year of constructive talks, it is right the European Union has formally recognised the UK’s high data protection standards."

The international data transfer regime is in order and will allow the complete development of companies. It will create new opportunities and help evolve the tech industry.





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