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  • Sahriar Shuvo - Tech Journalist

Facebook will start collecting user data from WhatsApp next month

Social media giant Facebook may get another push towards data collection and council towards their new policy with WhatsApp. As a company of Facebook, WhatsApp data will be collected and that will help Facebook towards new information’s.

Facebook payments, Onavo, WhatsApp Inc. CrowdTangle, Instagram operates under Facebook’s brand name. The notice came in the license & agreement page that says, “How we partner with Facebook to offer integrations across the Facebook company products”. The products we have already mentioned. Former WhatsApp CEO, Jan Koum respected privacy above nothing else.

Also, the WhatsApp service will have permission to process your data. That can be integrated into Facebook hosted services. In a blogpost shared by WhatsApp in 2014, they told us a heartwarming story. It involved how WhatsApp was born in the concern of protecting privacy. The third-party application was solely kept aside and communication procedure followed strict encryption.

Federal Trade Commission (FCC) may be on its way to file another lawsuit against the tech giant. With a collaboration of 46 attorney generals, they are collecting and preparing a verdict against Facebook. They are saying that Facebook as a company is illegally maintaining its personal social networking monopoly.

Users who opted out of promotions and sharing their personal data previously, won’t be affected by this change. With respect to privacy, the users who did not opt-out will have their information taken by Facebook.

Facebook collects and uses data to show relevant ads. Supporting mainly small businesses who are in search of potential customers. Because billions of people use Facebook’s service every day, it is crucial to provide relevant information to businesses in order to have legit and organic growth.

It is possible to select and download the user’s own data on WhatsApp and Facebook. They have the right to delete and change data, without letting the third party using it. You’re going to see ads either way but the data will help show more personalized or relevant ads.

Messages sent in WhatsApp messenger are primarily stored on user devices and the cookies are stored on the database, but it is temporary and encrypted. Also, it gets wiped as soon as the usable period is over, which means it is more secure and not prone to breaches.

A very good alternative for WhatsApp can be Telegram. It is also encrypted end-to-end and has rich features. Stored information of WhatsApp had the purpose of identifying the user with the device. Disclosing related information will grant Facebook open access.





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