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  • Sahriar Shuvo - Tech Journalist

IBM goes Carbon Neutral: Vows to reduce pressure on climate by 2030

IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) is a multinational technology company. It is a global leader of technology that operates in more than 170 countries. Founded in 1911, the company began its operations in the name of CTR (Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company) and later transformed into IBM in 1924 in America. Being a global leader, everyone looks up to them. As a result, imitative for reduced pressure on climate began there too. The first formal environmental and energy corporate policies took back in 1971 and lasted till 1974. The program supported the corporate environment to adapt and sync with the natural climate.

The Announcement

In the Paris Climate Agreement, a briefing by IBM said that they will honour the movement a will go carbon-neutral by 2030. It is the initiative to emit zero pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

In a brief, IBM Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Arvind Krishna said, “I am proud that IBM is leading the way by taking actions to significantly reduce emissions”. He added, “The climate crisis is one of the most pressing issues of our time. IBM's net-zero pledge is a bold step forward that strengthens our long-standing climate leadership and positions our company years ahead of the targets set out in the Paris Climate Agreement.” Well, these are not only great words but we can already see them in their work ethic.

We live in a world that is captivated by industrialists and global industries. Initiatives are taken by them literally affect the whole system. It can result in a positive and even negative way. But to save the environment for future generations and leave our dependency on natural fuels is essentially the agreement by everyone. While others are developing ways to capture carbon dioxide after release, IBM plans to not release carbon dioxide at all and rather depend on other renewable energy sources like solar and wind.

90% of total carbon release will be reduced by 2030 and all programs that generate carbon will be stopped or taken under the condition of other sources of energy. It is a much-needed initiative and everyone can agree. Special thanks to IBM from Tech News Pro for putting the environment first while obtaining huge success from their already implemented business model.

The Verdict

Climate change is real. Most of the countries of the world are already suffering from it. We can already see fewer variants of monsoons, polar caps melting, animals at risk (us too). China, Japan, and many more countries have implemented rules and regulations toward it too following the steps of IBM. Companies and industries will have to pay for the ongoing damage while they look back and do what’s necessary to stop polluting the environment.

IBM climate and environment official press release said they established a second-generation goal for renewable electricity in 2018. Less dependency on coal and other natural fuels. We have already seen Tesla being the most successful company of the decade for producing vehicles that are friendly to nature. The share is only rising and already Tesla is the number one electric vehicle company in the world. Even outside the European market, the Chinese market is also in its grasp.

Jeff Bezos took matters into his own hands, alongside 20 other companies that can dent carbon emission factors. IBM is now the founding member of the Climate Leadership Council. New regulations on taxing rather than climate regulation will have a significant effect on companies to go green.





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