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  • Sahriar Shuvo - Tech Journalist

IT workers planning to replace workplace within next 12 months

The pandemic taught us it is possible to do what we do at the workplace, from sitting in our homes while petting dogs. And the hugely crowded IT sector where many untold impressions take place may get a permanent revamp.

Workplace mostly moved to home as business and companies still need to function in dire times. Stopping services is not the ideal solution here, on which all of us can agree. While many would like to keep the same job, most Europeans prefer to work of free will. IT sector gets pretty pressurised as there is always a shortage of experienced crowd. Home or remote work dint denote less workflow but boosted productivity.

Covid-19 and Brexit are pushing tech workers and they want to change establishment within the next 12 months. Only a minority and key members will remain at their current post. The rest will choose different options.

According to CWJobs, four out of five (85 per cent) responded to relocate for the right job. Decision-makers in IT (87 per cent) and Professionals (84 per cent) are prepared to move out for a job that fits their skill set the best. A large percentage of the recipients (79 per cent) are confident to find London based Jobs and there will be a 72 per cent drop. For IT role in Manchester, 37 per cent are interested and for Birmingham, 19 per cent. A slight drop to 18 per cent may be the true number to gain from it.

54 per cent of businesses reported a pressure in the workplace that can be tackled if workers are free to decide and apply skillset which favours the most. On the other hand, there are plenty of other reasons decisions behind relocating. 14 per cent want to work at a different company in a different role, other 11 per cent want to create a business on their own. Part-timers favoured 10 per cent of the people and the last 8 per cent are trying to leave the IT industry as a whole. Maybe an early retirement or a change of carrier.

The tech sector clearly proved its need in the 2021 business year and post-pandemic situation. According to Dominic Harvey, CWJobs director “The pandemic has transformed the tech departments reputation.” He also said that the fundamental driver of business and success is depended on it.

The current industry is in shortage of skilled workers but 85 per cent of tech workers are willing to relocate. London is high on the chart where people would like to relocate workbench. Glasgow and Liverpool is also showing good offerings in the IT job sector.

The pandemic showed many degrees of progress and losses for various companies. But the ones that depended on IT thrived because those can be freelanced or employees could do the same stuff remotely.

CWJobs director said, “Whilst tech workers feel this spotlight, maybe temporary the truth is anything but to avoid talent.” Home of big tech, San Fransisco Bay Area workers left offices and many offices now lie empty. An increasing number of people are moving to rural homes than staying in the city and they do mostly tech-related jobs.

In London, rents dropped by 7 per cent in inner cities. Those tenants are also relocating to the suburbs or the countryside. While rents in other parts of the UK raised by 3 per cent.

Business leaders understand that if enough care is gone towards employees, they can perform much better and spend a few more hours playing games. There is plenty to adapt to, but companies are changing their attitude towards remote work.

Homework is getting normalised in many places and the European Commission shows that 40 per cent are working in the same get-go. During 2019, the number was only 5.4 per cent. More changes may come depending on upcoming opportunities.





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