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  • Sahriar Shuvo - Tech Journalist

Second thoughts to the Nvidia’s deal of $40 billion, Qualcomm offering to invest in ARM

If the ARM deal with Nvidia goes sideways, Qualcomm wants to invest in ARM.

ARM spun out of Acorn Computers in the ’90s and since then, the company is responsible for 95% of smartphone chips in the world. The company designs first-class energy-efficient chips and it moved the company way ahead of lines. Qualcomm, another giant in the industry is interested to invest in the UK chip designer company ARM.

In earlier news, we saw Nvidia interested to buy stakes in ARM. ARM continuously does business with almost all the worlds’ countries and built 180+ billion chips in their lifetime. Just in the year 2019, the company built over 22 billion chips for smart devices. Qualcomm is a US-based company and is highly interested to buy ARM if the deal with Nvidia goes sideways. Nvidia-ARM acquisition for $40 billion is currently on hold, and on the other hand, Qualcomm is waiting for a final review. If regulators block the sale, then we may see new information in front of us.

Effective June 30, 2021, the board of Qualcomm announced Christiano Amon will succeed Steve Mollenkopf as CEO. Amon after working 25 years in the company said they are highly interested to invest in Softbank’s ARM. Alongside other investors, Qualcomm wants a part of ownership. But the deal will only go through if the company is listed on the stock market and becomes publicly traded. Instead of selling it to Nvidia.

He also said If ARM has an independent future, there will be an interest in similar companies within a similar ecosystem. That incus Qualcomm in ARM. Publicly traded companies have more opportunities for investors. Mollenkopf said, With their business model validated and leadership is in 5G. The company seeks the largest opportunities.

As NVidia said an IPO wouldn’t be enough in the growth to support ARM. According to CNBC, the ARM spokesman said they are extremely confined that it will be a worldwide deal for regulators if approval is successful. But Nvidia and ARM fusion is a much intriguing opportunity in the growth and advancement of technology. As NVidia has become a giant in the artificial intelligence and machine learning sector. They could highly benefit from the energy-efficient chip design under their wing.

According to other information that came to light, NVidia is confident to maintain ARM’s open licensing model and investing heavily. This came from the UK headquarter of ARM in Cambridge. Chinese antitrust lawyers by FT said they may need another 18 months to conclude. It will be added on top of the 18 months that will take for the deal to go through of NVidia to acquire ARM. Nvidia asked Chinese regulators to approve the deal so things go more fluidly. All and all, the deal is going to have a great impact on the tech world, and QUALCOMM’s idea of investment in ARMs cold be blocked if “Nvidia and ARM acquisition” goes through.

British computer company Acorn Computers Ltd. owned ARM in the early days. ARM spun out of the company before its prime time. The company now has licenses to sell chip designs to over 500 companies. Any changes in rules or licensing may impact all those deals. So, the deal is sensitive enough to take this huge time around. As licensing procedure also needs to be transferred which can turn out to be a lot of paperwork. Not only that but also supply chain management, regulator settlement, and more issues are popping up.

ARM spokesman said “ARM needs an infusion of new technology” and “it can provide ARM licenses everywhere.” Qualcomm officials said this is another reason they are interested in the buy-in. As QUALCOMM is a highly complementary and technologically advanced company, they welcome all the changes and have the vision to implement new technology in their product atmosphere. It will bump the ecosystem for further consumer needs.

Giants like Google and Microsoft also agree with QUALCOMM that the deal with NVidia shouldn’t happen. As QUALCOMM seems the perfect fit to acquire ARM. So, the news of last September fell down the premises and the opposed takeover is taking time. They think that Nvidia could become a gatekeeper of ARM technology. And it will prevent other chipmakers from using ARM chips the same way it’s been always used. NVidia can fully capitalize on the current chip market by blocking ARM chip design access. Nonetheless, Nvidia repeatedly said they respect the business model and will keep ARM design running like the previous years without implementing any new rules on it. Fardel trade commission and business committee agreement will lead to approval or disposal of the matter early next year.





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