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Skillsoft helps organisations unleash their edge

Skillsoft, a leader in digital learning, training, and talent solutions to help organisations unleash their edge, unveiled stackable digital badges awarded to learners as they complete Skillsoft’s role-based and skill-based learning paths called Aspire Journeys. This enhanced functionality, powered by digital badging partner Accredible, provides a more comprehensive and meaningful method of credentialing that captures true proficiency and mastery of a new skill, not just incremental skill gain.

With the rise of a skills-based economy, Skillsoft’s portable, verifiable digital badges, secured on a blockchain, provide significant value to organisations and learners alike, demonstrated by the 9.3 million Skillsoft digital badges earned by learners since February 2020. Badges motivate learners to continue along their learning path by recognising incremental achievements and providing a way for learners to demonstrate competency in their professional and social networks. Digital badges are stored in a badge wallet or backpack that is always accessible by the learner, turning this into a portable record of their skill proficiency. Learning & Development leaders and line of business managers can use badges to identify team members that are prepared for a new challenge and demonstrate both the skills and drive to advance their careers.

“Skills are the currency of the future. It is more important than ever for organisations and individual learners to measure and demonstrate verifiable skill gain,” said Apratim Purakayastha, chief technology officer, Skillsoft. “To overcome the widening skills gap and maintain the rapid pace of change required in today’s business environment, organisations need a future-fit, agile workforce. Skillsoft’s stackable Digital Badges empower learners to demonstrate their mastery of a new skill while providing organisations with visibility into how their employees are best equipped to drive change.”

Available on Skillsoft’s Percipio learning platform, users can accumulate stackable digital badges as they progress along their learning path:

  • Complete a Skillsoft course and assessment, which demonstrates a learner’s progression in future-proof skills such as agile development, data science, cloud computing, leadership, Python, and many others.

  • Complete a Skillsoft Aspire Track. The role-based learning paths comprise video-based courses, assessments, coding labs, and a number of relevant books and audiobooks that help learners build mastery with confidence. Each completed track represents a commitment to gaining knowledge and marks an important milestone toward a larger goal.

  • Complete a Skillsoft Aspire Journey, typically consisting of 4 complete tracks and 40+ hours of training. Aspire Journeys are role-based and typically include multiple roles along a career path. This intensive learning experience offers the users many ways to learn and also demonstrate new skills through practice labs and project-based learning. Acquiring a badge by completing an Aspire Journey or Track demonstrates growing competency in the skills needed for an existing role or preparation for advancement into a new role.

“We are proud to help Skillsoft recognise the accomplishments of millions of learners with our portable, shareable, verifiable digital credentials,” said Danny King, co-founder and CEO, Accredible. “Skillsoft’s continued dedication to providing the best possible learner experience - before, during, and after the learning process - is inspiring. Skillsoft already set the standard for what a successful digital credentialing initiative looks like and will again set the bar even higher with badging for Aspire Tracks and Aspire Journeys. It is a delight to work alongside Skillsoft as they take advantage of the Accredible platform to bring cutting-edge credential innovation to their customers.”

Together, Skillsoft and Accredible utilise gamification mechanics to motivate learners and increase content consumption through verifiable, portable digital badges, ultimately closing critical skills gaps. Skillsoft empowers learners to share their badges with managers, peers, and across social networks seamlessly, leveraging Accredible to power its digital badging capabilities. These badges are available for users on the Percipio platform and for all customers accessing Skillsoft content through an integration with an LMS or LXP.





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