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  • Sahriar Shuvo - Tech Journalist

Software-based Data Centre vendors that are doing things right in 2021

Data centres stay inside the core loop of an IT infrastructure. They not only enable the world’s network to work continuously but at the same time helps to prevent a complete economic shutdown. Data centres are evolved with the organised workflow throughout time and current generations are software-based. For maintaining a hybrid cloud in the data-driven era, software-based systems are a no brainer. But some vendors are doing too well than others. MSP’s and Data Centres are working together to bring out the most suitable package for company use. Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation algorithms are surging through the roof. It doesn’t only help companies run with lower manpower at the same time, removes many human error factors. Algorithms can take in data from outside and work with data centre software’s to provide the most prominent result.

Software-driven data centres are helping companies transform digitally. At the time of the pandemic when many services came to a standstill, data centres kept businesses afloat. The IT infrastructure enables millions of people to stay connected and conduct work from home. We will go through some of the global leaders on the subject and the way business conducted.

One of the software-based data centres is 6Wind. They deliver cloudified, virtualised, secure networking infrastructure with a high-performance database. The company is also helping with machine learning, automation, telemedicine too. 6Wind provides the lowest TCO in the market with superior costing. Arista Network is a specialist in Cisco Systems. According to CRN, SEC listed the company amongst the top five most-compensated executive companies in the 2020 fiscal year. The company is so successful that top executives receive up to $300,000 as base salary. According to a press release, in the first quarter, Arista acquired more than $667.6 million in revenue. Which is a 2.9 per cent increase from the fourth quarter of 2020.

Data centres that priorates software solutions tend to acquire newer tech sooner than other vendors. A new zero-trust security framework has been introduced too. Software-defined data centre (SDDC), also known as VDC (virtual data centre) is a major contributor to storing data. Cisco System’s CEO Chuck Robbins maintains the company and it is now a world leader in networking. They have one of the largest software-defined data centres on the globe. Networking, server, cloud, switching, security and all is in the portfolio. Cisco recently purchased Sedona Systems and Kenna Security. The company runs a large enterprise and its software run rate is $14 billion. On a note in Cisco USC X-series, reviewed the new scalable compute node architecture. Cisco believes in “channel-oriented” transformation measures.

Mohit Aron, CEO at Cohesity, valued the company at $3.7 billion. They are specialist in simplifying data management. As a multi-cloud data management company, Cohesity performs backup and recovery and disaster management programs a great deal. They now offer Data-Management-as-a-Service.

Western Digital is another large Corp that doesn’t only specify a software-based system but mainly popular for their physical drives. WD makes world-class storage devices and their systems use self-made hard disk drives and solid-state drives. Their data centre on OpenFlex Compensable Infrastructure has a net gain of $16.7 billion. OpenFlex also uses NVMe drives through fabricated connections. NVMe is the latest technology used in fast storage drives. Also, the company developed software that helps utilisation of storage, performance-boosting. Resulting in world-class performance and a leader in the niche.

VMware is a virtualisation rockstar company. Their developed software is run as core in software-based data centres. The company is on the verge of becoming a worldwide leader in a multi-cloud computing network. Raghu Raghuram, CEO of VMware said he has plans to rule the hybrid cloud software world.

Nonetheless, a new integration of technology is the future and unless the rest utilises the same benefit, they will fall behind. A pre-assembled micro data centre is the new venture to acquire to optimise data centres. Specialists throw various information in the mix for monitoring and managing the software platforms. Some systems include monitoring sensors, some come with UPS and a power rack distribution system.

High-performance computing and hyper-converged infrastructure are required to slew software. And in software-based data centres, the portfolio is yet to grow further.





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