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  • Caspar James - Tech Journalist

Virtual event: Infosecurity Europe 2021 at Olympia London on July 13-15 is now only a digital event

Within a month of the planned physical event to be held at Olympia London, Infosecurity Europe 2021 has been cancelled as a physical event due to the British government delaying 'Freedom Day' in the UK and the lifting of restrictions due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. In previous years the event had attracted 15,000 attendees and over 400 exhibitors with the last physical event in 2019. The 2021 event with now run as a virtual exhibition and conference.

The 2021 event had 180 exhibitors booked to exhibit and this will now be held as just a virtual event. Infosecurity Europe 2020 was cancelled 8 weeks before last year's event due to lockdown and a digital-only event was held in place of the physical exhibition.

Exhibition Director Nicole Mills at Infosecurity Group sent out an email cancellation notice: “Infosecurity Europe has always been the place where the cybersecurity industry’s finest minds come together to share knowledge, ideas and experiences. While we can’t yet meet in person, we’ll still be bringing the community together this July for a digital only event. We’ve run two very successful virtual conferences over the past year, and we’re ready to deliver a stimulating and insightful programme of content, with plenty of opportunities to discuss, debate and discover the best ways to protect organisations and get ahead of cyber-criminals.”

It had been widely accepted that most physical events throughout 2021 would most probably be held as digital-only events, but with the proposed lifting of Covid-19 restrictions in the UK on 21st June, it was hoped that events such as Infosecurity Europe 2021 could be held as a physical event, however with the extension of lifting restrictions, the physical Infosecurity Europe 2021 is now having to take place as a digital-only exhibition and conference.





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