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Water Supply Threat by a Malicious Hacker in Florida

Overnight, Tech News Pro found out that a malicious hacker gained remote access to the water system of a city in Florida and tried to increase the amount of lye (which in large amounts can be dangerous) in the water treatment system. Luckily, an operator saw one of the attempts to access the system and was able to reduce the levels to normal

Richard Cassidy, Senior Director of Security Strategy at Exabeam: “With Biden publicly chastising Russia in a recent press conference and threatening economic sanctions as a result of previous nation state campaigns, the timing of this attack is interesting. Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) is at the top of the target list for nation state attacks, given the political and socioeconomic impact if successful - even in part. It’s incredibly fortunate that a diligent member of staff noted the anomalous activity and corrected it. That said, what we’ve seen exemplified here is the need to understand and baseline normal in terms of critical asset/system access is absolutely key.

Regardless of whether systems in operational technology (OT) environments are air-gapped or not, if there’s a digital route to the system, then it’s at risk. We’ve got to ensure we’re monitoring OT systems far more diligently by capturing all viable log data in terms of access control, system settings and maintenance. Any abnormality - regardless of how small - should be investigated, triaged and managed accordingly. Relying on users alone for the protection of our CNI systems does not (and will not) scale. No arrests have yet been made and it is not known if the hack was done from within the US or outside.





Integrating Compliance into Innovation: Taking Control Over Customer Communications

Compliance is one of those areas that is better off unnoticed. When compliance does get attention, it is usually because something has gone wrong and that is something that keeps executives up at night. It is easy to see why. 

Artificial Intelligence Based COVID Signature

Detection Software

The software takes the X-Rays and CT scans in digital format and analyses the X-Ray reports through uploading the images which is followed by detailed report about the patient suffering from COVID19 or similar ailments.

Six Steps to Drive Your

Process Center of Excellence to Success

Find out why yo need a center of excellence - and how save you time and money while improving experiences for both your customers and employees. 

Parting the clouds. 

for greater security

Covid-19 has landed CSOs a unique opportunity to embrace web isolation.

Eliminate malware threats with zero trust 

Isolation-powered security provides full protection against email and Web based threats.

Steps to Deliver Data You Can trust at the Speed of Business

Why trusted data is the key to digital transformation. Discover and cleanse your data. 

Organise data you can trust and empower people

Automate your data pipelines and enable data access.

7 Customer Service Mistakes Companies Should Avoid Making

2020 was a tumultuous year but it did bring customer service back to the forefront of the business planning agenda for 2021. As you plan and prioritise your initiatives, it is important to avoid mistakes.

2021 Threat Report 

Four Key Trends in the Cyber-Threat Landscape.

The security implications of remote working, SaaS takeover, rise of fearware, server side attacks, ransomware and Darktrace immune system.

Safe, inclusive communications for the University of Innsbruck

The open matrix is the foundation for secure, collaborative academic research and learning. Keen to support its learning culture, the university wanted to introduce a real time messaging system. 



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